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Implementation of information systems

Many large-scale IT projects fail for a very simple reason: they take too long. They get mired in complexity and overly bureaucratic processes, costs escalate, and the client loses confidence. Often, the result is that a fraction of the system goes live and is declared a success, but the scope of what is implemented is too limited to provide the intended benefits.

Complex IT projects rarely unfold as originally planned. It is easy for projects to get trapped in overly formal processes with rigid schedules, so there is no hope of meeting deadlines unless the projected time frames are excessively (and unacceptably) long.

Our methodology is based upon a different premise: that complex information problems are best (and in many cases can only be) solved with sophisticated software products that can adapt to the client’s unique requirements. 


We provide the following services:

 - System integrator and project coordinator;

 - Design, development and system technical support of information systems, data communication networks high degree of reliability and safety;

 - Warranty and post-warranty support of network, computing, communication and information systems, peripheral equipment;

 - Development and implementation of software applications;

 - Supply, installation and technical support for systems software;

 - Maintenance of system and application software.



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