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Universal Health Information Systems.  Our products for data management, interoperability, analytics, and health information systems are enabling our clients to gain the benefits of connected health – better patient outcomes and cost management.

Modern healthcare has become a hi-tech industry.  Advanced diagnose methods, including laboratory ones, assist doctors.  Performance analyzers and sensitive agents define high level of diagnose analytical stage.  Use of disposable vacuum test tubes for blood sampling and bar codes to mark samples, eliminate possibility of mistakes at a pre-analytical stage.  Automated printing of test results and their electronic delivery to a doctor provide efficiency at a post-analytical stage.

Better care. Connected care. Healthcare organizations worldwide are charged with improving quality, accessibility, and efficiency. But better care isn’t easy. Populations are aging and growing numbers of patients have multiple chronic conditions. Medical knowledge is growing exponentially yet is difficult to harness. Funding is constrained at every level.

The vision behind  our platform is simple: Meet these challenges and transform care by sharing information and connecting communities.

Our platform is a family of products that enable your organization to:

  • Capture health and health-related information from everyone involved
  • Share that information in a meaningful way among everyone in the care process
  • Analyze and understand all of the information, structured and unstructured
  • Act on that understanding to drive improvements in care and efficiency

Financial services

Financial services organizations are developing rapidly based on our advanced technologies.

Our high-performance and advanced database technologies, data interconnectivity and analytics, which are already used in critically important applications at the leading finance institutions worldwide, will help you to strengthen and develop your company's success.


Our products for data management, interoperability, analytics, and health information systems enable national and local governments to provide essential services.

Many use our software to connect healthcare organizations. But you will also find our technology being used to build breakthrough applications for law enforcement, administration, and other government functions.


Logistics applications typically need to connect to many disparate systems and speedily handle large volumes of complex data. Increasingly, they also have to run on mobile devices.

Our advanced technologies for data management, connectivity, real-time analytics, and rapid development of mobile interfaces enable enterprises around the world to build breakthrough logistics applications.


Utilities frequently deal with big data. New “smart meters” generate huge amounts of data that must be ingested and analyzed very quickly. Our advanced technologies are ideal for breakthrough applications that gather and analyze data in real time, enabling actions that save money – and the environment.

More Industries

Our products are used by organizations in many industries that require the highest performance, scalability, connectivity, and real-time analytics.

Here is a small sampling of the industries:

  • Agriculture
  • E-Commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Information technology
  • Legal services
  • Publishing
  • Travel
  • Real estate
  • Retail

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